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Brain Enhancement Research as well as Christian Reality Checks

Just recently in an Online Think Tank Forum an Atheist and also Christian talked about a few of the most recent explorations in the life sciences pertaining to cognitive human mind improvement. There are numerous appealing and even remarkable innovations in the biography scientific researches and in the areas of NanoTech, BioTech, expert system and computer system scientific researches.

One brain trust member suggested that he would love to be smarter via using these modern technologies as well as stated so. The Christian Scholar and Devout Religious Follower specified:

” You do not get “smarter” by customizing your mind, you get smarter by customizing your worths and also principles, your globe sights and also self-knowledge, by being afraid God as well as asking Him for more understanding, knowledge and expertise.”

This caused additional adderin on this matter at the think storage tank and also the atheist countered with these comments:

” Well you need to specify smarter then to precisely make your point. A a lot more effective brain that functions faster is smarter. This is exactly how I specify smarter. One that can obtain to the response or fix an issue faster and also more effectively utilizing the exact same expertise as an additional would certainly be smarter as I recognize my usage of the word.

Hence if you change the mind to function a lot more successfully with faster recall a lot more in development better at hand as well as work it at higher efficiencies, with far better consumption and frequency control after that you surely can end up being smarter. I do not see how you can suggest with that said.

Exactly what would certainly god or gods, or he, she, it or they relate to any one of this? Allows hypothetically say that there was a god? In this case, he has done a piss inadequate task developing your “online fact life encounter online game” as well as he should be held responsible? Do not you assume?”

Interesting without a doubt the dichotomy of thoughts on this subject, which I noted. What do you believe God had in mind with regards to knowledge? Believe on this in 2006.

” Well you need to define smarter then to precisely make your factor. A more reliable brain that works much faster is smarter. One who can hire to the response or address a problem much faster as well as a lot more effectively making use of the exact same understanding as an additional would be smarter as I comprehend my use of the word.

What do you believe God had in mind with concerns to knowledge?